They say talk is cheap. And it should be! All phone solutions for your business can be found here for a low price.

The time has come to escape the phone company. High costs and long wait times don’t have to be the norm. We offer hosted phone systems that let you really customize your phones and get everything you could want out of them. From basic plug-and-play VoIP options to fully loaded plans that flex some serious telecom power, there is something for everyone. Browse the Hosted Phone Services listed below and let us know if you have any questions!

VoIP Phones

No professional installation required. Just plug in these Polycom phones and start talking with pristine clarity via the internet! Take your pick of several models based on the needs of your office.

SIP Trunking

This is what will make your VoIP phones work. SIP Trunking minimizes your phone bill and drastically improves reliability. Ditch the phone company and use your internet connection for awesome call quality and a 99.9999% uptime guarantee.

Conference Calling

Get everyone on the same page to gather more information and make better decisions quicker. Conference Calling lets you hold a meeting with up to 100 people, has recording capabilities, and all kinds of other features controlled on your administration dashboard.

Call Recording

Whether you want to find out which of your sales/marketing efforts are working, would like records for training purposes, or need to save conversations for legal reasons, Call Recording is a wonderfully helpful too.

Cloud-based Texting

Text-enable any phone number and send/receive messages on your desktop, tablet, or device! This ability seriously revolutionizes the way businesses can communicate internally and with customers.

SmartExpand Local Numbers

Market expansions lines give your business a presence in local areas of your choice. Quickly establish numbers, set your ring-to destinations, view call records, and manage your account from the web administration panel.

Toll-Free Numbers

Take your pick of the plan that is right for your business. Quick setup, low per-minute fees, and 24/7 support make your 800 numbers everything you need them to be.