Stick a legal disclaimer on any email that leaves your organization

Sometimes (or maybe all the time) emails that your business sends out need a company disclaimer. Enforce the policy whenever necessary by automatically including a disclaimer on the emails your staff distributes. Whether it is a crucial legal disclaimer or even branded signature lines, this programs lets you add them when and where you need them.

Your Company Disclaimer, your rules

End users have no way of editing or removing the company disclaimer, so the non-changeable format on their end follows all your emails around. While the disclaimer may be set in stone on the receiving end, you have all kinds of flexibility on yours. Company Disclaimer allows you to format everything to your specifications, including font style, size, color, and even some bonus formatting options.

Growing compliance and legal risks are a concern not to be overlooked. The Company Disclaimer is a perfectly effective way to set and enforce an email policy across your entire organization. Pairing perfectly with any of the mailbox options we offer, Company Disclaimer is easy to set up and can be added to your hosted Exchange plan for just 14.99/account. If you have any questions about Company Disclaimer and how it works with the other hosted email solutions we offer, please feel free to give us call or request a free consultation.