Find out what’s really working for you and what needs improvement.

As you probably already know, phone calls equal business opportunities. The challenge is always figuring out how to get more of them and then handle the calls well when they do come in. Call Recording helps you do both those things.

Within your online Call Recording platform, you can get some toll free or local numbers that we record and track to provide you with all kinds of useful data. With all that information and material at your fingertips, you can do a couple things. One, learn which of your marketing efforts are most successful so you can get more calls. Two, fine tune how your staff handles calls so that each one is primed for the successful conversion of new customers. Pull off that pair of feats and you’ve got yourself in prime position for real business success.

Monitoring and Training Purposes

You can’t hover over each of your phone operators’ shoulder for the entire duration of every call he receives, and you probably wouldn’t want to, anyway.  Call recording allows you to listen to each phone call made to your company so you can observe your operators’ performance and provide feedback.  It provides all the benefits of keeping you in-the-know, without employees feeling the pressure of being watched in the moment.

Maybe you don’t have the time to listen to a bunch of recordings. If that’s the case, we have a solution for that too!  Our human call categorization employs the skills of real people to monitor and grade calls.  Combined with our automated call filtering system, our call monitoring agents can focus on quality assurance for each of your phone calls to make sure you don’t lose any leads.

Our straightforward layout makes it simple for you to view each employee’s performance.  From seeing the number of calls an employee has received to how many of them she has converted into booked appointments, you can maintain quality and provide any positive or constructive feedback.

To ensure the highest quality phone calls, we can even provide a coaching service for your agents.  Coaches will score each phone call and provide written feedback on several areas of the call about what can be improved so that your staff become phone experts.  Coaching can be provided for inbound or outbound calls made by your company.

We also offer tracking and data reports for phone calls.  To learn more about tracking your phone calls and optimizing your marketing efforts, check out the information on our Call and Website Analytics.