The easiest way to securely backup crucial information on your employees’ computers.

Months or years of work and data could all be lost in one unfortunate moment. 140,000 hard drives crash every week in the United States. Almost as many interns spill coffee on their work laptops. Don’t let a critical hard drive crash or some morning coffee destroy your hard work and erase your data.

PC Backup saves all your important files across all servers in your company.  Even if you accidentally delete a document or file, you can restore it for up to 30 days all thanks to the cloud backup.  With PC (and) Cloud Backup, you can rest easy, knowing that your files are safe and manageable through the HostPilot dashboard.


You no longer have to worry about fussing with an external hard drive, which has to be connected to a computer to enable backup.  PC Backup can even back up computers for employees who work in remote locations or are traveling.  It provides you with an easy-to-follow set-up wizard and with automatic backup to the cloud.

Set Up

To get started, we’ll send you a link to download, or you can download it from HostPilot.  All you have to do is install it and start backing up your computer!  You can decide which folders you want to be backed up and choose for it to be automatic or scheduled.


  • Hassle free: Backs up automatically and saves the most recent versions of all files and documents
  • Security: Data is encrypted using military-grade, 128-bit SSL encryption prior to transfer. You can even use an additional TestimonialPersonal key for bonus security
  • Restore: You can quickly restore deleted documents for up to 30 days
  • Control: Easily manage PC Backup on all computers in your company and add new computers through HostPilot

PC Backup is certainly a crucial element in the protection of your company and the valuable work you have done. However, PC Backup is just part of the equation. Moving your business to the cloud is now easier than ever, incredibly secure, and impressively affordable. Work with us to bundle PC Backup with all your other cloud-based IT needs and take your business to the cloud.