Easily encrypt outgoing emails throughout your entire organization

Each email that leaves your company deserves to travel through cyberspace with a digital bodyguard. That’s pretty much how Encrypted Email works. By filtering content and scanning every outbound message, Encrypted Email drastically reduces your risk of letting confidential data fall into the wrong hands. It even improves compliance with serious federal regulations like HITECH and HIPAA. With centralized control, you decide which emails need to be encrypted with a user-friendly dashboard.

So how does Encrypted Email really work?

  • It all starts with technology that establishes confidentiality, retains message integrity, and employs user authentication.
  • You set the policies that guide what content can be sent. Fantastic reporting tools allow you to monitor outbound email activity across your organization.
  • Even attachments are scanned, and emails sent from mobile devices are encrypted as well.
  • You can send emails to anyone you really want to. All they have to do is retrieve your messages in the super secure Message Pickup Center. Once inside, they are able to read, reply, or forward the encrypted messages.

Comply with HIPAA thanks to specialized templates

Encrypted Email was designed with unique templates that allow organizations to operate within the healthcare industry while abiding by HIPAA guidelines. The use of these templates lets users of Encrypted Email select rules from pre-built lists in order to determine which emails contain PHI (protected health information) and must be encrypted. Constructed from the most up-to-date industry information, HIPAA templates have pre-determined compliancy code keywords, sets, and policies for guarding information like CPT, ICD, SSN, HCPCS, NDC, FFS, NPI, and more.

Protect the integrity of your organization with Encrypted Email. It’s a very simple tool with plenty of power and versatility. Encrypted Email works great on its own or in a bundle that includes everything else you need for a customized cloud-based business experience.