Everyone knows that knowledge is power, so flex your business muscle with all kinds of tracking data from your inbound calls and website activity.

If you have better information, you can make better decisions.  Tracking phone calls is an efficient way to measure ROI on advertising and marketing efforts. Now you can focus on what is working best for you and fix what needs some work.

Inbound Call Tracking

Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll know when a phone call is the result of a particular ad or campaign.  Well, we have a handy little arsenal of toll-free numbers you can utilize for different campaigns.  Just apply a new phone number to each new campaign and you’ll be locked, loaded, and ready to go! It pays to know what works.

You can check how your campaigns are doing at any time of the day with real-time tracking and data reports.  You can also opt-in for data reporting emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Smooth reporting shows you everything you could ever want to know about your incoming calls. You can break it down however you like.

You can also listen to recordings of all phone calls and correct any problems your phone operators may be having.  Or if you don’t have time to listen to all your calls and categorize them, we have people for that. A team listens to every call and categorizes each according to your parameters so you can get some seriously useful insights. For more information on call recording, check out our Call Recording tools.

Not only can we collect call data for you, but we can also compile analytics for your website.

Website Keyword Tracking

Your website generates a large chunk of your calls. And now you can find out exactly how it is doing you so many favors. Dynamic Website Keyword Tracking gives you insight into which words people are searching to bring them to your site, the referring sources, and information on the session they had on your site before calling. By diving into the click trail of a visitor, you can see what’s working on your site, and what could use some help. Clean and simple reports make it easy to see what you need to see and know what you need to know.

Many companies hold phone calls as the highest form of marketing conversion. So why not get an advantage with all kinds of info that can help you get more calls and handle them like a pro?