$25.99/month + $40 activation
(NO Per Minute Charges)

Business Class Market Expansion Services for Everyday People

Why continue to pay outrageous monthly fees and long distance rates for market expansion lines? Technology now exists that can save you money and increase market line functionality and we have it. SMARTExpand is the new generation of business and market expansion line services. Our SMARTExpand services give you the ability to add precious market presence nationwide in a matter of hours. Control ring-to destinations easily using our powerful online control panel. Routing changes are completed in real time. Local number expansion lines incur no per minute fees or long distance rates for local numbers dialed. Long distance services are billed at only ¢.03 per minute nationwide. Not to mention that we can handle up to 16 calls at once.

  1. Ask the phone company if they can do that
  2. Add market presence locally or nationally instantly
  3. No per minute or long distance service fees for local call transfers
  4. Only ¢.03 per minute for nationwide call transfers
  5. 16 line capacity means no more busy signals

Feature Details

Customer Service 7 Days a Week

Get access to live help for any service question.

On line Call History

On-line call history allows you to view a record of all calls in and out of your Solaxis service.

Web Administration

Each Solaxis product comes with an easy to use Web administration website. Through the website, you may change or modify virtually all aspects of your service including creating or changing Menus and Bulletins, setting up or changing the Weekly Schedule and much more depending on what service you have.


The SMARTExpand is priced at just $25.99 per month with no hidden charges. Taxes, regulatory and long distance fees where applicable.

Add ons

Live Answer

Would you like to add a live presence to your Solaxis SMARTExpand? Through Solaxis’ sister company Sound Telecom you can have live agents waiting by 24 x 7 x 365 to answer your phones professionally, friendly, and courteously. Call a Solaxis representative to find out more.