Since 1986, Solaxis has been coming up with ways for businesses to communicate better. Why? Because we have a passion for helping other companies succeed. We understand that the more effectively you can communicate within your own ranks, with other companies, with your customers, and with potential clients, the more successful you will be. So what does all that look like?

It looks like you connecting with your customers through VoIP phones, toll-free numbers, and hosted email.

It looks like your team doing some serious collaboration on all cylinders with conference calling, secure internal chat tools, and file sharing in the cloud.

It looks like your business reaching new clients thanks to website analytics, call recording, market expansion lines, and cloud-based texting for all lines and devices.

It looks like easily working with other businesses to achieve your goals with project-specific platforms, internet faxing, and virtual office systems.

We believe in flexibility, productivity, and efficiency. None of our services tie you to an office, so you can do business anywhere. We also believe in saving you money, and that is why we offer cloud-based solutions. They are the cheapest, most effective choices out there that promise to really kick your business into high gear.

We always welcome any questions, thoughts, or feedback, so feel free to contact us at any time. Let’s make success happen!