Why Businesses Are Interested in VoIP Phone Systems

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VoIP phones are really gaining popularity, but why are businesses becoming so keen on them?


It is clear that a large portion of small and medium businesses are looking to upgrade their phone systems. Many are attempting to ditch the big phone companies altogether, and thanks to VoIP, they finally can without ever sacrificing quality. In fact, it is not just phone systems that small and medium sized businesses are interested in. Comprehensive business communication solutions are no longer just for the big guns out there. Everyone from your local dentist to the attorney’s office down the street are realizing that full unified communication systems are perfect for them too.

Recently, our friends at VoIP research group Software Advice did some studies on VoIP buying trends. They polled a bunch of businesses who were considering VoIP phones to see what they could learn. So what exactly did this study by Software Advice reveal? Actually, a ton of enlightening stuff, and they were kind enough to share with us, but in this segment, let’s focus on what businesses were interested in when it comes to VoIP and why.

Nearly every respondent wanted their VoIP system to act as a Private Branch Exchange System, which makes perfect sense in a business setting. More than half were interested in an auto attendant to screen and route calls, because it is a huge time saver for companies that also establishes a very professional image. Conference calling, internet faxing, and call recording all had a significant amount of interest as well.

Each of those last three are great because conference calling keeps everyone on the same page even when they aren’t in the same place, internet faxing eliminates all those bulky, old-school fax machines, and call recording can be an incredibly powerful too. However, there are three things every business owner should know about call recording notification compliance. So check out that article by Sound Telecom.

The clear favorite in the VoIP features group was Voicemail. The rest of the features were prominently desired by less than 10% of the sample, but that doesn’t mean that the other VoIP features are any less awesome. For example, Find me/Follow me is an amazing feature that keeps people who aren’t always in the office constantly accessible so they can take their calls wherever they are.

So why exactly are businesses becoming more interested in VoIP phone systems? Well that is exactly what the “pain points” portion of the poll unveiled. Here is the graphical breakdown:

Graph that shows why businesses are interested in VoIP phone systems


It is almost a little surprising the Lower Price didn’t garner more interest in the poll as a pain point considering the huge cost saving implications VoIP systems provide. In fact, it tied with Company Growth, which is definitely a good problem to have.

However, every single one of those is a great reason on its own to switch to a VoIP phone system. Then consider the fact that most businesses would benefit from solving most of those issues by switching. That’s when making the move to VoIP really starts to become a no-brainer.

In the next post, we will explore what kinds of businesses are interested in VoIP Phone Systems.