Customized email addresses in minutes

Got a domain for your business but no email addresses? Not a problem, because here is where we help you fix that. Starting at only $9.95/month, custom email addresses ( for your company can be fully functional in an incredibly short amount of time. Now this is some business-grade email with some serious value.

All POP Email includes everything you need to professionally establish your company

Custom POP email presents a professional look to all your clients and potential customers. Plenty of storage space, spam filtering, virus scanning, and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook are all included at a low monthly price. And with guaranteed 99.999% uptime guaranteed, what’s not to love about that kind of reliability? Of course, if you do ever need help with any issues, free support is available on a 24/7 basis.

POP email is only the beginning. It is certainly a crucial part of any hosted email solution and can be bundled up with any of our other cloud-based service offerings to get you exactly what you need to put your business on the right track. But in the event that some custom email addresses are all you need, that’s super simple. Give us a call and we can help get you set up with some professional email addresses in a hurry. Either way, let us know how we can be of assistance.