A single access point for every app your company uses. Plug in one password and unlock them all.

Busy professionals today often have to remember passwords for many different platforms. Creating a unique and strong password for each site or tool is difficult and often results in poor password practices. Examples of poor password practice:

  • Weak passwords without numbers or varying capital and lowercase letters
  • Repetitive use of passwords for different accounts
  • Storing passwords in email
  • Writing passwords down on paper and keeping it at your desk

You may even be guilty of a one or more of these security infractions yourself, and with so many passwords floating around out there, nobody is going to blame you. However, by using AppID as your password manager, you have just one secure log-in to access all your tools. You no longer need to individually log in to each application. One password. Total Access. Complete Security. That’s how AppID works.

Easy set-up

AppID password manager is accessed through a single control panel just like all the other hosted services on this site. Integrating AppID and any other cloud-based service you choose with a solo control panel makes it easy to combine all IT facets of your company as they work alongside one another and always remain at your fingertips. AppID is preconfigured for over 1,500 cloud apps for quick set-up. It places all apps in one portal and makes it easy to add on new apps. Employees can even log on from any computer or device without posing a security risk to their accounts.

AppID Security

You can ensure maximum security by implementing 2-factor authorization for all or select employees. You can choose to have session time-out, which enforces the need to log in again after a certain period of time has passed. If a device has been lost or stolen, you can easily revoke access to a user’s portal with just one click.

Eliminate Time Wasted through IT

Employees don’t have to worry about forgetting passwords, wasting time typing multiple attempts, or hunting them down by calling IT. Increase productivity by having employees easily manage their own accounts with a single log-on and a simple application portal. Decrease the amount of time wasted contacting IT when you need to revoke account access. Whether a device has been lost or a person has left the company, you can revoke access with one click of the mouse. AppID is the perfect way to manage every application anyone in your company might use. Make it part of your cloud-based bundle so you can save time, increase security, and minimize the instances of pulling your hair out.