Don’t worry about hardware or software. Manage all your team projects online with SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

Imagine hosting your corporate intranets, document repositories, and project specific websites all in the cloud. SharePoint is a hosting service platform that allows employees to collaborate with each other, as well as with people at other companies you may be working on a project with. Everything is managed online, so you don’t have to hassle with hardware or software wasting time and space. You can use SharePoint as an individual service or get expanded use with other products in an Exchange-Integrated SharePoint Plan.

Share Calendars, Contacts and Documents all in One Location

The goal and purpose of SharePoint is to increase productivity amongst employees by allowing them to share calendars, documents, contacts and ideas. There is no need to use ridiculous email strings that clog up inboxes, include unnecessary people and overlook others. Instead, everyone can access whatever they need through one communication location. Colleagues can collaborate on documents and enable a check-in/check-out feature that locks a document when one person is editing. All other members will be placed on a read-only hold and be alerted when the user has completed his edits to avoid overwriting errors. Use the platform securely within just your company, or with your customers, partners and vendors.

Building Project Specifics Websites and Using Templates

Use SharePoint hosting to create project specifics websites and use the built-in tasks list feature, calendar, and document repository for easy collaboration. Members can quickly be notified of changes through their team member calendars. SharePoint is the perfect way to achieve true online collaboration and complete some amazing projects thanks to teamwork in the cloud

Simple Setup and Management

SharePoint 2010 is easy to set up through the HostPilot control panel. Through HostPilot, you can easily manage who has access to what and change permissions at any time. If you opt for bundling things up in an Exchange-Integrated plan, you will be able to manage all your other services and add-ons through HostPilot, as well. SharePoint is integrated through Microsoft Exchange and allows the use of familiar tools such as Microsoft Outlook.

SharePoint is the place for online collaboration and web-based projects. Do it all, do it easily, and do it well. If a group platform is all you need to get the job done, great. We will help you set it up. You can also bundle SharePoint with a whole slew of other cloud-based business communication services to save money and build a comprehensive business IT solution.