A communication app that increases productivity and accountability

Lync Secure Chat and video Conferencing makes it easy for your company members to collaborate with each other through business-grade instant messaging, screen sharing and video conferencing.  With Lync, you are able to see who is available for real-time chat, which ensures quicker response times and increases efficiency in communication between colleagues. Lync makes it easy to bring multiple employees, offices, and remote workers together so everyone can get more done.

This tool for internal use not only keeps everyone on the same page, but it also results in less wasted time and productivity that is often spent trying to get in touch with people. Chat logs get automatically saved and can be accessed in a searchable format from your HostPilot control panel. The ability to use the chat tool from your desktop or on your smartphone enables people to be mobile while getting stuff done and staying in the loop.

It’s easy to host or attend Virtual Meetings

Lync features include:

  • Voice and video chat
  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Decreasing the cost of travel and conferencing fees
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Secure and private conversations

The Lync app supports voice or video chat and allows for screen sharing, making it easy to demonstrate tasks or share documents without having to leave your desk.  Giving presentations to colleagues located in other parts of the world is easy and convenient with Lync web conferencing.  The virtual whiteboard allows coworkers to draw, type, or highlight important information for brainstorming and collaboration.

Lync can be bundled with your Office in the Cloud plan, and it integrates with Outlook and OWA so you don’t have to switch between applications and disrupt your workflow.  Lync also includes 24/7 help support and migration capabilities. Get all your people on the same page with Lync Secure Chat and Video Conferencing.