Send and receive faxes sans fax machine

For many companies, faxing is often a necessary part of doing business. However if traditional faxing seems a bit prehistoric, that’s because it is definitely going the way of the dinosaur. Now, you can use your computer or device to do all the faxing you need to do – no clunky fax machine necessary.

Internet Faxing is available for any computer that runs Windows so that you can send and receive faxes right from your PC. And you can view all your faxes on any of your devices. You can also do the environment and your budget a solid by eliminating the need for ink and paper. Internet Faxing doesn’t just replace fax machines, it takes faxing to a whole new level of productivity and convenience.

How does Internet Faxing work?

First, you get a toll-free or local number to receive faxes. All incoming faxes land in your online fax portal, you get an email that says you’ve receive a fax, and then you can check it out on your computer, tablet or phone. To send a fax, you bring up the appropriate document on your computer in your online fax portal, and then send it to any person or group you deem worthy.

Features of Internet Faxing

  • Fax up to 100 people at a time
  • Easy-to-use portal and dashboard for all faxing action
  • Automatically save all your faxes for secure archiving and simple retrieval
  • Forward faxes to any email or easily print it
  • Never fear the dreaded busy signal
  • Email alerts
  • Keep your private faxes off your company’s shared fax machine
  • Low monthly fees

Choose from a couple different Internet Faxing plans based on your specific needs

Pro Plan: $9.95/month, includes 300 pages of faxing, 7 cents/additional page

Power Plan: $29.95/month, includes 1000 pages of faxing, 6 cents/additional page

Cloud-based faxing is the future of faxing. Don’t get left behind to hang out with your old fax machine and a herd of Stegosauruses. Internet Faxing simplifies the job, is incredibly convenient, and has the ability to really enhance efficiency. Use Internet Faxing on its own, or bundle it with some other cloud-based services for a package that really packs some power.