Defend your business against viruses and spam, control outgoing messages, and enjoy fully redundant mail access with McAfee Email Protection.

Powered by the leader in computer security, McAfee Email Protection puts the control in the hands of your company.

  • Reject spam and viruses before they even have the chance to breach your gateway
  • Filter outgoing email with complete control over what leaves the email accounts of your business
  • Completely redundant email access keeps you connected and communicating
  • McAfee Email Protection comes bundled with each new email account

Can you imagine trying to do business without email? It’s not a pretty picture. So, since you rely so heavily on email, it only makes sense to make it the best it can be. There are three key pieces to McAfee Email Protection:

Email defense stops spam and viruses – According to the knowledgeable folks at McAfee, over 90% of email is junk. Not only is wading through those unwanted messages a waste of your precious time, but viruses lurk inside many of them, which could compromise your privacy and security. Block threats before they even reach your network by bundling McAfee Email Protection with every new mailbox. Choose from Basic or Advanced McAfee Email Protection to keep you and your business safe.

Control what leaves your company mailboxes – Outgoing email filters keeps users from sharing private data or accidentally sending undetected viruses. Take control in the admin panel to make sure nothing gets sent that shouldn’t. Keep your business image pristine and steer clear of regulatory issues with McAfee Email Data Loss Prevention. Filter using keywords, block suspicious content, scan over 300 document types, and let the built-in encryption do its thing, because McAfee Email Protection has got your back.

Business continuity through redundant email access – Email is considered to be one of the most crucial pieces of communication in business. Proper continuity planning for your company should include redundant pathways for email to travel. Enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing that employees within your company can use their email whether or not they are connected to the Exchange server. McAfee Email Continuity allows you to rely on their portal for beyond 99.999% uptime to remain fully operational and connected no matter what.

Bundle it together and what have you got? A perfect, easy-to-use, affordable, powerful email solution for your company thanks to McAfee Email Protection.