Collaborate effortlessly with secure file sharing

You’ve probably heard of several file sharing services, but are they really business-grade?  SecuriSync is a business-grade file collaboration service that can be used across different web browsers and devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.  You can even securely share and sync files with people outside your business who do not have the program—you just need an email address.

Enjoy business-grade safe file syncing and sharing

SecuriSync keeps your files safe by providing at-rest and in-transit encryption and has strict procedures for accessing files and information.   You can easily share files and folders with anyone in your company and give them access to manage them, as well.  Do you ever have the problem where a picture or file is too big to email?  Well problem solved!  You can share files with people outside your company and set permissions to control security of the file.

Administration is simple from installment through management

Like all the other cloud-based services we offer, everything is controlled through a single dashboard.  You can enable SecuriSync without having to change your firewall, security policies, or VPN (Virtual Private Network).  It allows you to easily manage all devices and users from the audit log.  We hope you won’t have to use this feature, but, in the case that a device is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe all SecuriSync data from the device.  SecuriSync will save you time by allowing your users to self-administrate by managing their settings and requesting any SecuriSync services through their own accounts.

Painless Integration

SecuriSync is easy to use from the get-go because it integrates with your business cloud and operating system.

  • Mac and Windows integration. SecuriSync works like any other file on your computer.
  • Active Directory integration. SecuriSync leverages corporate passwords and address books.
  • Exchange Integration. Use Exchange Distribution Lists to quickly share content with groups.


Each account is protected with a unique encryption code, and your shared files are protected from overwriting conflicts and accidental deletion.  If there are any inconsistencies, you can track changes to the original source and compare file versions between users.  You can revoke or change permissions and access to shared files at any time, whether it is within your company or has been shared externally.

A solid file sharing program is really great and can stand alone as an incredibly helpful tool. However, once you bundle it up with the other business communication services, you can truly experience the full benefits of taking your company to the cloud.