Consolidate and simplify your life with Hosted Voicemail solutions

Provide a simple and direct way for people to reach you with Hosted Voicemail. We say voicemail, but it is really so much more. Hosted Voicemail is a way for you to be more effective and efficient every day that you do business. These different services are absolutely loaded with features that you can customize to create a smooth-running communication machine. With Hosted Voicemail, your calls and messages get to the right person at the right time. You get to talk to people when you want to talk to them and access all your messages at your convenience. If you’re ready to get all your business communications on the same page, check out our Hosted Voicemail solutions.

FrontOffice: Virtual Auto Attendant

With FrontOffice, you have access to a full-featured call-routing system that can be implemented with or without the use of a receptionist.  Callers have up to twelve keypad options that will direct them to the intended recipient and increase caller efficiency.  Other features include dial by name, voicemail, and message alert. $75.99/month

SmartNumber: 1-Number Find-me Follow-me

SmartNumber allows you to consolidate your phone calls, voicemail and fax into one phone number to make things simpler for callers with a single point of contact.  You can easily manage your messages either by internet or phone and receive alerts via email, pager or text message whenever you receive a message. $25.99/month

SmartMessage: Virtual Fax and Voicemail

SmartMessage brings fax into the modern digital age so you don’t have to worry about ink, paper or extended fax lines.  You can receive faxed messages from any location when they appear in your online archive. $20.99/month

SmartVoice: Web-Enabled Voicemail

Use a local or toll-free number to let your callers leave voice messages.  You will receive an alert via email, pager or text message when messages come in and they are easily retrievable over the internet or by phone. $15.99/month

Each Hosted Voicemail solution functions fantastically on its own, but it flexes its true power when bundled up to create a comprehensive communication system that works just the way you need it to.